Adopt A Plant Films – Four Journeys

Four films, four journeys. Four short films from the Adopt A Plant art project run by artist Ania Bas.

Adopt a plant is an art project in Greets Green, West Bromwich. 10 individuals from this area decided to adopt a plant and agreed to participate in documenting the growth of their plant and of the project itself. The project is run by artist Ania Bas.

Performance in the car came about when one of the participants told Ania how much she loved driving. Ania then devised a performance piece with four different routes around West Bromwich that would emulate a shape relating to flowers or the green environment.

The routes were not marked out in any way on the pavements or roads. They existed in the tight net of the other roads, flower shapes hidden among crossroads and junctions. They became visible only during the performance.

Passers-by and other drivers seemed aware that something weird was going on. Seeing a car with a photographer and cameraman stuck in the back trying to take a picture was not something the general public are used to seeing.

This series of four short films document the performance from inside the vehicles.

Performance In A Car – Journey One

Performance In A Car – Journey Two

Performance In A Car – Journey Three

Performance In A Car – Journey Four

Find out more about the adopt a plant project at and artist Ania Bas at

Thanks to Ania Bas for permission to present these films here at Hardluck Hotel.

These films were originally shot in the summer of 2006 on a Canon MV890 and edited in iMovie for use on the adopt a plant website and a DVD which accompanied the adopt a plant project book.

These films and more can be found on theĀ Hardluck Hotel YouTube Channel.

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