Film Dash | A 48-hour film challenge.

This year I decided to submit an entry for Film Dash 2010, the 48-hour film challenge, organised by Meshed Media in association with Say Hello, which is part of Hello Digital, Arts Council, Birmingham City Council, and The Bullring.

In addition to creating the film from scratch in just 48-hours the following had to be included in my film:

General theme: Happiness

Line of dialogue: My years are not advancing as fast as you might think.

Prop: Ironing Board

This is my Film Dash 2010 film –

This film was shot on a Canon MV890, edited in Final Cut Express with music recorded live and edited in Garageband.

All film and music used in this entry was devised and created between 7pm Friday 5th March and 7pm Sunday 7th March.

Special thanks go to my partner Madeline for helping make this film happen and for creating the beautiful music that accompanies the film. You can visit Madeline’s own website – Meeni – to see more of her own artwork and music.

The puppet seen in this film was designed and made by Glenn Holden.

This film made as part of Film Dash 2010, visit the Film Dash website and you can see some of the other entries in this years competition on the Film Dash Youtube channel.

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