Hardluck Hotel is a showcase for the film, photography and artwork of Keith Bloomfield.

I am an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is informed by collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

The majority of my professional work in this field has been done during my time at The Public and Multistory, the community arts organisations based in West Bromwich. I currently work as a creative producer for Reel Access.

Reel Access is a Birmingham based participatory arts organisation with a focus on filmmaking, photography and visual media. Established in 2006, the company is passionate about working alongside young people and community groups to develop their skills in filmmaking and all forms of visual media in a collaborative way to inspire change through sound and vision.

I worked on creative projects and programmes of work designed to tackle a wide range of social issues that brought together communities and artists to develop creative solutions to local problems.

You can see some of the project work I worked on for Reel Access on their Vimeo and YouTube channels, and their main site.

My iPhoneography images are taken in a single shot and then processed using freely available app’s on the iPhone. This challenges me to make each shot count as I don’t reshoot if the image is not usable. This can sometimes lead to images that are slightly out of focus, but I think this is part of the attraction of photographing purely on the iPhone. All of my iPhoneography images can be found on my Flickr page and my Instagram page.

The Incoming section of site will run semi-regular features on the films, books, comics and more that Hardluck Hotel is looking forward to in 2018 and beyond.

The Hardluck Hotel Store is a way for you to pick up many of the films, books or random items featured on the site, straight from Amazon.

You can also follow my Twitter and RSS feeds to be kept up to date on all Hardluck Hotel activities.

I am also a presenter on the Geeky Brummie Show.

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