Work Portfolio

I will be using this page to present details of my professional work, including recent commissions and projects I have worked on in the past.


These are my standard rates for projects. It is possible to negotiate these rates depending on your requirements.

Half-day: £150 (up to four hours)

Full day: £250 (between four and eight hours)

Any travel and accommodation costs, where appropriate, are extra.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirement, my services and skills.


Beyond Bricks

Livingstone Road Allotments – Livingstone Road Allotments has 107 plots and is a large green space in the middle of Birchfield, the site should and could be a valuable resource for the local community to take pride in but it is currently subject to anti-social behaviour.

This project will utilise a disused building at the entrance to the allotments and work with allotment holders to help create a resource for the local community. This project will collect information, knowledge and stories from the allotment holders which will be presented in a special edition newspaper and DVD. These items along with a new allotment blog and YouTube channel will help the plot-holders connect with other local residents, raise awareness of the allotments, share their knowledge and skills and to increase local pride in the area. I am working with Richard Franks (Creative Producer) and Gavin Ingram (Graphic Designer) of Blue and White Creative on this project.

Commissioned by Multistory, Beyond Bricks is funded by Urban Living and Arts Council England, West Midlands.

Windmill Eye Video Project

Eye Make Productions – A follow up project to the film ‘Smethwick: An Eye To The Future’.

Local Smethwick young people were taught film and media skills and were also asked to explore what changes they would like to see within the Windmill Eye area of Smethwick.

The project culminated with the creation of two short films.

Commissioned by Sandwell MBC and managed by Reel Access in conjunction with Blue and White Creative.

Be Proud of Sandwell

Working on the Be Proud of Sandwell campaign. The campaign is all about sharing the people, places and prospects that make Sandewell a great place to live and work. This project included creating short films for the campaign website, establishing a Flickr community page and social media links.

Commissioned by Sandwell MBC.

Changing Our Lives: Hidden History

Hidden History looks at the history of people with learning disabilities dating back to 1800s. The film shows young people with learning disabilities exploring and researching their heritage. The young people researched archives dating back over 150 years and recorded oral history from 1950s.

We mentored the young people as they begin their research, worked with heritage partners, carried out in depth interviews with staff and patients from long stay hospitals and visited sites of old long stay hospitals and workhouses.

Commissioned by Changing Our Lives and produced by Multistory.

Over The Garden Fence

An introduction to Social Marketing video for the Over The Garden Fence website which has been established as a place for people to share their insight on health and wellbeing across Sandwell.

This is a short video that introduces why Sandwell PCT is using social marketing techniques to address inequalities. Filmed on Canon 5D MKII.

Commissioned by Sandwell PCT and produced by Multistory.

Breast Cancer Awareness Film

A short film produced for Breast Cancer Awareness DVD distributed across Sandwell.

Commissioned by Sandwell PCT and produced by Multistory.

Hardluck Hotel Commercial Break